How to Know if You’re a Polyentrepreneur


1. Whenever you pass an empty building for sale, you begin daydreaming about what business you could put there.

2. Whenever you or anyone around learns a new skill you immediately wonder how you could best make money with it.

3. You cannot picture yourself working a “regular” job for the rest of your life.

4. While in college, you switched majors several times, had to take an extra semester or two to fit in classes for all of your interests, and/or double majored or minored.

5. You pick up new hobbies in the space of days, and are willing to try anything. (I don’t even drink and I’ve considered trying to brew beer.)

6. Any “your interests” field on a social networking site is a long, long list.

7. You keep branching out into new techniques, markets, and variations of your current business. (What if I make really long friendship bracelets and make them into dog collars?)

8. You know that trying to be everything to everyone is a bad idea, so you plan to serve several niches instead.

9. You are fascinated by all aspects of business and all types of businesses, even if it happens to be something you’re not interested in trying yourself (I recently spent a merry half hour with a magazine for pool company owners).

10. You never really grew out of wanting to be a ballerina space cowboy doctor when you grew up.

live colorfully-4

You live colorfully.


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