Working Music

I have different moods on different days/hours and usually need music to match. Here are the top three artists/YouTube channels I usually cycle through.

Lindsey Stirling: Perfect for when lyrics would be distracting (though a few of her videos do have lyrics), Lindsey’s violin playing and interesting combinations of styles of music are a great, upbeat, creative-encouraging background music. The only drawback is that I frequently find myself pausing my work to watch her beautiful music videos. Check out Elements or Roundtable Rival. Lindsey herself is a great example of a woman determined to create her own career with the diverse talents and interests she has.

Postmodern Jukebox: I can’t get enough of the new twists on and old-fashioned remakes of current, popular songs, “Royals” and “Burn” being two particular favorites. Many of the songs are upbeat but they also have slower ones for a more contemplative mood.

Mika: This man is just so delightfully strange. Another case where I have trouble not watching the music videos; Blame it on the Girls is perhaps my favorite overall song and Underwater is a good, lower-mood choice.

Silence: Sometimes there’s really nothing better than quiet.

What do you like to listen to while you work?


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