Productivity Tip: Don’t Fall Under the Computer’s Spell

I’m sure it’s happened to everyone: you sit down at the computer, full of determination to finish a specific project but wanting to check on Facebook first. Two hours later you’re still on the internet and have lost the will to do much of anything.

This happens to me every day, sometimes multiple times. It turns out that for me the computer is not only a time-waster (in addition to being an excellent tool, of course) but is also a “downer,” something that can suck away my willpower within minutes and ensure that I get nothing done for hours or even days at a time.

The problem is that I also need my computer – about 90% of my homework and business work require it, and most of what doesn’t I’ll spend in front of the screen anyway (watching Netflix while making jewelry, for example). Your percentage may not be as high as mine, but I’m sure you face the same dilemma: how do we take advantage of the wonderful tool technology can be without allowing hours and days to be sucked away unproductively?

  • Open a work program/site first, saving your Facebook and Pinterest and what have you for after you’ve gotten in a good hour or so of work (you’ll be much more likely to return to work!)
  • If you don’t need it, turn the internet off.
  • Have a clear to-do list of simple but important tasks and keep after yourself to keep crossing things off (I love using HabitRPG )
  • Get up every hour or so to stretch
  • Play music that inspires (but doesn’t distract)

How do you keep yourself on task when the computer beckons?


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